The most common reason for working with an interior designer is so that you end up with a home that beautifully aligns with your personal style and your lifestyle. It doesn’t stop there though. The benefits a design professional brings to the project are often overlooked. Here are 5 of the hidden benefits of working with an interior designer.

1/ Interior Designers Understand the Entire Process

If you’ve never been through the design process before you have no idea of what is coming next. A designer can help you anticipate the needs that are a priority and the order in which you need to address them. Without a designer by your side, you will be exposed to a barrage of requests from trades. When the answers aren’t available you can cause delays in your project.

For instance, if your electrician is ready for your lighting and switch plan but there isn’t one, you could end up losing them to another project. It could be days, weeks, or even months before they make it back to your site. Now multiply this by every trade involved and you can see how the delays (and the stress) just accumulate.

Part of my job as a designer is to anticipate what the next steps are to ensure that you have made all the necessary decisions. I make sure you can move through the process without roadblocks. Every design project has a unique set of issues but there is a logical flow to the process and I am well acquainted with the steps and the process.

2/ Interior Designers Can Access Trade-Only Sourcing (and Discounts!)

My clients will never end up with cookie-cutter homes that look alike. My job is to source materials and furniture that are unique to your design.

Trade-only sourcing sounds like a luxury for the rich and famous but it’s something all of my clients have access to. I use these sources because they are manufacturers that are highly trusted by designers. The quality is outstanding but more importantly, you won’t see them in the homes of everyone else you know. Trade sourcing offers unique customization so you avoid grab-and-go furniture.

While we’re most definitely going to focus on the aesthetics of your home, I can save you money as well. Whether you use trade-only or retail sources, interior designers have access to the best discounts available. In a lot of cases, my clients end up saving enough money on their furniture and material orders to pay for my services.

Be sure to have a conversation with your designer before moving ahead because although I do pass along all of my discounts, there are various pricing models in the industry. Make sure you know which one your designer is utilizing. Always know what you’re paying for and what you’re saving before the project begins.

3/ Interior Designers Are Problem Solvers

Until you’ve been through the design process you can’t imagine how many fires need to be put out on a daily basis. Construction involves a lot of variables and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Walls come down and mysteries are revealed. Obstacles present themselves constantly in the form of back-ordered materials, unanticipated damage on a site, issues between trades, no show workers. The list of things that can (and will) go wrong is long.

My job is to be the point person for all of those problems. If I can, I’ll answer questions and put out fires without ever involving my clients. If that’s not possible, I’ll be able to involve you quickly and present you with options. You will never be left to deal with problems alone. My experience will help to guide you to the correct solution as quickly as possible.

4/ Budget and Timeline Projections

Since your designer has the expertise and experience, they will be able to accurately anticipate when you’re headed for financial or timing issues. You don’t need to wait until a crisis has presented itself.

In managing the budget, I can forecast when things are starting to go off the rails and have a discussion with you in order to get it back on track. Sometimes clients fall in love with something that just isn’t in the budget but they need to have it. I can accommodate that by making amendments to the rest of the materials so that you get exactly what you want but stay within your number.

I can also advise you when timelines are running astray. This can be job-site issues or products that are delayed. While job site issues can’t always be avoided we can definitely work around back-ordered items. I can help you with some revised options that will give you the same look and feel without the wait.

5/ Interior Designers Create Custom Homes

Your interior designer can help you take your vision and customize it to look more professional, customized, and more like you. Even if you have great taste and think you can manage your design alone, there are tricks and tips that I utilize that will help you get the most customized space possible.

I always look for ways to make the homes of my clients feel more like theirs. I want you to have a polished and beautiful home but more importantly, I want your home to reflect you. The final part of the equation is making sure your home functions well. There’s no point in having a space that looks great if it doesn’t also serve all your needs.

Here’s a brief overview of the interior design process:

1/ Initial Consultation
2/ Contract
3/ Planning Phase
4/ Design Presentation
5/ Implementation
6/ Finishing Touches

You can learn more about each of these phases of the design process here.

Yes, it’s a creative process but it’s also a project and part of my role is managing the way it flows from beginning to end. If you’re thinking of hiring an interior designer you can take a closer look at my services here.

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