Johnstone Home

This project was a mix of renovating and decorating in a characteristically historic Toronto Beaches neighbourhood. We completely gutted and redesigned a full, second-story bathroom, redecorated the principal bedroom, and refreshed the front entryway and living room mantel. The principal bedroom, situated on the third floor overlooking a canopy of tall oaks, was pared down to a neutral pallet with the wall colour and linens. Texture was added with rugs and accessories, and a seating area was incorporated to provide an oasis to relax in, read in, or simply savour a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of this spacious family home.

In the front entryway we used a soft hue on the wall as a backdrop and added colour and texture with the rug, pillows, and pendant lighting to provide an inviting welcome into the home. The mantel in the accompanying living room was updated to secure warmth and add a touch of whimsy by dressing it with an African Juju.