Haig Home

This project was near and dear to our hearts. We were asked to come onboard at a point in the construction process when all had been gutted and rebuilt with a fresh start in mind. With untouched walls and vacant rooms we set out to create cohesive floor plans for furniture layout, colour schemes, mood boards and a final sourcing list for the client to purchase selected and approved items.  With a backdrop of neutral wall tones throughout, texture and colour were added and layered with statement pieces, rugs and soft furnishings.

One of our favourite rooms to design was the young girl’s bedroom. A feature wall treated with wallpaper served as a jumping off point for all of the remaining selections. Soft touches of blue and white can be seen throughout the room, providing a quiet peaceful space for our client’s daughter to rest and play. Another fun room included the main floor powder room. It may be small, but we were able to pack it with drama as seen with this fantastic two-toned wallpaper print.