Crezel Home

What’s that saying? “A shoemaker’s kids always go barefoot”? Translation: A designer’s home is always the last one to get done. Being a designer can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to your own home. We love so many designs and would like to incorporate them all. It takes discipline to stay focused and treat your home as you would a client’s, with extreme dedication and attention to detail.

The larger, dusty, and messy renovation was done years and years ago: a testament to a classic design. The only remaining details left to finalize my vision, were the layering components which complete a house and make it feel like a home. I added depth, colour, texture, mixed old with new, (as I love to do), and added bold art I felt a strong connection with and wanted to display proudly. The result is a cozy, warm, personalized home I will adore for many, many years to come.